College of Architecture and Allied Discipline


The College of Architecture & Allied Discipline has its humble beginnings as a 4-year course under the Civil Engineering Department of the College of Engineering. The course was opened in 1976 by virtue of LIT Board Resolution No. 747, s. 1976.

The program was revised into a five-year ladder-type curriculum in SY 1981-1982 thru Board Resolution No. 1288, s. 1980, in compliance with the Ministry of Education Culture and Sports (MECS) Order No. 32, s. 1979. in the same school year, the program became a separate department under the LIT College of Engineering.

The Bachelor of science in Interior design was approved in principle thru Board Resolution No. 30, s. 1998 and took effect in SY 1999-2000.

In line with its commitment to pursue academic excellence, the college continues to produce quality graduates and board topnotchers. From 1990 to present it has produced a total of 2 board placer in Interior Design and 9 topnotchers in the Architects Licensure Examinations. It ranked 4th place in the top performing schools in January 2004 Licensure Examinations.


To develop human resources with the technical and artistic skills in the field of Architecture, Interior Design and Construction by providing the necessary diversified and comprehensive education and training to the future professionals.


Competent professionals in the field of Architecture and Interior design imbued with positive values continually supportive of regional and national development.


The college is primarily concerned with providing the students the highest degree of knowledge, skills and competence in the art and science of architecture and its related fields and their total growth and development within the framework of democratic ideals and spiritual values and the evolvement of distinct Filipino Architecture within the concept of Filipino ideology.