• CHED
  • CHED Special Study Grant for Congressional Dist. Hon FM Romualdez
  • Full Merit
  • Half Merit
  • One-Town-One Scholar
  • Study-Now-Pay Later
  • Safe Scholars
  • Tulong Dunong


  • AFPEBS Scholars
  • AFP DND-CHED Pasuc Scholars
  • Barangay Scholars
  • DOST-SEI Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Double Your Money Scholar
  • Enhancement Human Resources Development Program Scholars
  • GSIS Scholars
  • OWWA
  • Philippine Veterans Affairs Scholars
  • Provincial Scholars


  • Academic scholars
  • Athletic Scholars
  • Cultural Arts Scholars
  • Faculty and Staff Discount
  • Son’s and Daughters Scholars
  • Student assistant


  • LGU-Educational Relief for Indigent of Capoocan Scholars
  • Babatngon Scholars
  • LGU-Ormoc City Government Scholars
  • LGU Scholar Jaro Leyte


  • Eskwela Haiyan Scholars
  • Coco Foundation (UCPB)
  • Kathie Wright Scholar
  • Prudential Life Scholars
  • SM Scholars



  1. College Entrance Scholarship – students graduating with honors from recognized and dully accredited secondary schools are granted scholarship in the forms of free tuition fee upon their admission to the first year only for only collegiate curricula (except for TTE, AME, Technician and STC courses) for one semester in accordance with the following schedule:
    • Valedictorian …….. 100% free tuition fee
    • Salutatorian ……. 50% free tuition feeProvided however, that valedictorian and salutatorians must come from a graduating class of not less than 40 students. A certification to this effect dully signed by the principal or head of the school must be secured and presented upon enrollment. All other fees have to be shouldered by the grantee.
  2. College Academic Scholarship – College students carrying a regular semestral study load who obtained a credit grade average of 1.0 to 1.45 and have not earned a grade lowered than 2.5 shall be entitled to 100% free tuition for the succeeding semester. College students carrying a load less than 15 units who obtained a credit grade average of 1.0 to 1.75 and have not earned a grade lower than 3.0 shall be entitled to 50% for the succeeding semester. Candidates for college scholarship must file their application with the office of the Registrar at the beginning of each semester. Scholarship grantee who are subject to disciplinary action for grave misconduct during their scholarship shall forfeit their grant.


  1. Secondary Entrance Scholarship – Students’ who graduated with honors from any duly accredited elementary school are granted scholarship in the form of the tuition fees upon their admission to the first year of the secondary education curriculum for one school year of the accordance with the following schedules:
    1. Valedictorian ….. 100% free tuition fee
    2. (First honor) ….. for one school year
    3. Salutatorian ….. 50% tuition fee for one yearProvided that Valedictorian and Salutatorian must come from a graduating class of not less than 40 pupils. A certification to this effect dully signed by the principal or head of a school must be presented upon enrollment.
  2. Secondary Academic Scholarship – Secondary students who get highest average scholastic rating (top 3) in their respective class levels (first year, secondary year, third year, forth year) shall be given scholarship based on the following schedules.
    • General Average Rating of 90 and above …. 100% Scholarship
    • General Average Rating of 87089 ….. 75% Scholarship
  3. Choral Group:
    A student who shall join (with approved application the EVSU Choral Group for the first time shall be entitled to 80% free tuition fee excluding summer classroom. Old members of the EVSU Choral group who have at least two (2) semester duration (inclusive) with the group and have demonstrated loyalty, competence and cooperation by contributing to the promotion of the goals and objectives of the Institute are entitled to 100% scholarship subject to the Director of Cultural Affairs.
  4. Barangay Scholarship / SNLP NSS are honored upon submission of all requirements:
    • Must be resident / bonified student of EVSU
    • Must have no failing grade’s and/or incomplete rating
    • Must be of good moral character and conduct
    • Must be of excellent physical, emotional and mental health
    • All scholarship and grants apply only to students in the 2-4-5 year courses and not short term courses
    • General Average Rating of 85-86 …… 50% Scholarship


  1. Scholarship for Editorial Staff for EVSU Publications
    • For College Editorial Board … 100% free tuition fee
    • For Managing . Associate Editors … 50% free tuition fee
    • Circulation Manager and Typist (6 staff members) … 50% free tuition fee
    • For Staff Writers (7 staff members) … 25% free tuition fee
  2. Officers of the Student Supreme Council (SSC) and Secondary SSC President
    • President … 100% free tuition fee
    • Other elected officers 70% free tuition fee
  3. Athletics
    • Display of athletic prowess and skills as recommended by a special screening committee from the sports development unit.
    • National Athletes (Participated Regional Sports Competition) … 100% free tuition fee
    • Regional Athletes (Participated Regional Sports Competition) … 75% free tuition fee