The Office of Student Affairs is charged with the basic responsibility of developing leadership capabilities and wholesome personalities among students pursued to the mission of the Institute under the following general objectives:

To coordinate programs and services for the students personal, moral, physical and social development.
To provide opportunities for the students active involvement in the life and activities within and outside of the school community.
To produce activities that will enhance or foster social attitudes of cooperation, responsibility, creativity and leadership among students.
The Office of Student Affairs plans, implements and evaluates programs designed to support the educational, culture, social, political as well as the spiritual needs of the studentry. It gives full recognition to the dignity and worth of each student through active participation and involvement in the management of their affairs and maximum utilization of school resources within the context of collective responsibility. It operates five services, namely: student welfare and development, Student Government, Student Scholarship, Student Organizations and Activities and Student Discipline.


Leading partner of the University in the Total Development of the Students through the Co-curricula, Community and the Student activities that would complement Classroom-based Instructions and the Intellectual goals of the Institute.


A United, progressive, Vibrant and Self-actualizing Educational Environment with well Rounded Individuals.


  • Recreational / Social / Cultural Activities
  • Training / Seminars / Symposium
  • Dialogue / Meetings
  • Student Group Insurance


  1. Filling of certificate of candidacy
  2. Pre-Election Briefing
  4. Election Campaign
  5. Election Day
  6. Proclamation of Winners
  7. Induction Program
  8. Regular and Special Meetings
  9. Projects / Programs / Activities Implementation