The ORDS is the basic research community in EVSU that is fundamentally a collective endeavor whose task is conducting a comprehensive intellectual effort to initiate, venture and nurture in bringing new knowledge; and to discover and develop new ideas, concepts and innovative technologies in an entrepreneurial and a learner-centered environment, well-suited to the evolving knowledge requirement of the people in a well-defined community. It is an organized scholastic endeavor purposely designed to serve as the perpetual engine in the sustained development and generation of aggregate learning experiences of EVSU. The Office supports all efforts that will make possible the building of a reservoir of knowledge that is intended to enhance and accomplish the relevant function of the University RIPE (research, instruction, production and extension). The University shall share its vast pool of accumulated expertise and invaluable wealth of constructive experiences to the people in the community by providing useful technical (R&D) and professional transfer of skills (Extension) designed to have a significant impact on the socio-economic amelioration of the community.