A Memorandum No. 21 S.2020 released by the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs orders the Suspension of Online Classes effective yesterday, March 26, 2020.

To: All Faculty Members (Main and External Campuses)
From: Vice President for Academic Affairs
Subject: Suspension of Online Classes
Date: March 26, 2020

In view of the present ordeal with COVID-19 and in conjunction with some issues in the modality of using online platforms as alternative learning delivery mode, all faculty members (regular and part-time) of the Eastern Visayas State University across campuses are hereby informed that the conduct of online classes of use of social media platforms for instruction in all levels is suspended effective today March 26, 2020 until such time that the imposition of enhanced restrictive quarantine is lifted. Use of computer-mediated communication (emails, messenger, group chats, sms messaging, and the like) shall be allowed on the following purposes and conditions:

1. To give assignments, instructions, and course work which reference materials must be readily accessible but submission and assessment of outputs will be upon resumption of classes. However, the faculty members are advised to exercise leniency as not all of our students have the access to the information highway and other forms of social media connectivity. Besides, with enhanced community quarantine implementation and stay-safe-at-home advisory to help curb the contagion, our students are not allowed to visit Internet Caf├ęs even if they have the financial capacity to do so. When classes resume, the same activities and/or requirements must be given to those students who did not get instructions electronically and must be given significant time for them to accomplish the task without prejudice.

2. To send slides, powerpoint, and soft copies of learning materials of previously discussed or presented in class (only upon request from students) and not sending new materials as coverage of the test or quiz to be given upon resumption of classes.

3. To inspire students by sending Words of Wisdom and Motivational Quotes that may help them cope with the extremely challenging times. Do not put pressure on them with course requirements, assignments, and projects. Wait for the proper timing to remind the of these things.

Further, use of alternative delivery mode of learning such as, but not limited to, blended learning, by modules, independent study, and take home assignment, is still allowed as long as learning assessment and evaluation of outputs must be conducted after class suspension. Submission of requirements shall be made on an agreed date when classes resume.

Everyone must exercise compassion and leniency in these difficult times. Let us all help relieve our students anxiety and distress from COVID-19 crisis.

For information, guidance and compliance.

Vice President for Academic Affairs