EVSU-BC embraces the new normal setting for freshmen and transferee students

The Student Affairs Services Office (SASO) conducts the annual University Students’ Welcome Activity and Gathering (USWAG) orientation program for First Year and Transferee students of Eastern Visayas State University-Burauen Campus today, September 14, 2022, at the HRDC Hall.

Campus Director Dr. Eduardo Bagas commenced the opening remarks of the program by introducing the University Key Officials. He then highlighted that the students’ stay in the university will help them make a difference in becoming a responsive and productive citizen in the community.

“The best thing for you to become students of the campus is to become pro-active in both extracurricular activities and academics in this university.” Dr. Bagas added. Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Lydia Morante, emphasized that the university will continue to offer quality education in the new normal setting through Flexible Learning Modality as a mode of instruction.

“Our mentors, our faculty who are in valuable part in the good education that we have, and our faculty (that has) contributed to the well-being of everyone amidst the pandemic. They have reached out to the students for inspiration, for advice, for kindness, for resilience and for further thinking.” Said Dr. Morante.

The activity was then seconded by the introduction of the respective Academic Heads, Faculty and Administrative Services unit in allowing everyone to be recognized for the students to be aware of the different functions and offices of each component.

Moreover, Dr. Edna Modina, Head of the Student Affairs Services Offices and Guidance Advocate, concludes the program activity in viewpoint of the students’ journey in college by uplifting the university’s mission and vision in providing quality education.